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Patient Success Stories

Dr. Frey's path to Chiropractic

Shoulder Rehab

Ideal work space set up at home

Dr. Frey utilized yoga blocks, theraciser, yoga ball (or therapy ball), and the seiza bench.

Pediatric Chiropractic Adjustments

84% of all newborns are estimated to have neurologically significant subluxations from normal birth trauma. There may be no symptoms noticeable from this yet. Other moms report difficulty nursing or sleeping, reflux or regurgitation, recurring ear infections, constipation or persistent diarrhea.
The point is that these hidden misalignments that interfere with proper nerve functions should be checked as soon in life as possible to optimize good health

Review of all 6 breath sounds

Breathing Techniques - Liver & Stomach

Breathing Techniques - Heart & Kidney

Breathing Techniques - Immune System

Breathing Techniques - Lung Meridian

Foot Internal Rotation Exercise

Chiropractic Lifestyle!

Nutrition Workshop!

Some great information on nutrition wellness from Dr. A!

Doc's Lifting Video!

Doc shows us how to lift everything from groceries to furniture!  Tips on shoveling snow and gardening as well!

Doc's Walking Video!

Feel more stable while you are walking and hiking and work your upper body at the same time!

Morning Stretching/Exercise Routine

This is a short video going over the morning stretches that Doc talks about in the Wellness Workshop.

Foam Roll Exercises

Here are some ideas to get your started with your new Foam Roll.

Sciatic Stretches

Here are two short videos about stretches you can do easily at home and at work that will help you with lower back and sciatica pain.

Cervical (NECK) Exercises and Stretches

Some good morning exercises for neck pain and headache sufferers.

Morning Stretching Routine for Neck Pain, Headaches and Migraines

This is a short video going over useful stretches for your neck muscles.

Traction and the Pull-Thru Method

This is a short video going over various kinds of traction and the posted pull-through adjustment available in our office.

Introducing Dr. Asa Frey and the Psoas Adjustment!

We are so thrilled to have Dr. A working in our practice. Here he discusses his thoughts on the psoas muscle work, which is great for low back pain, pelvic and hip issues!

Dr. A's Amazing Sphenoid Adjustment!

Dr. A goes over an adjustment technique for the sphenoid bone (you know that little bone in your skull that looks like a butterfly?). It's great for sinus pressure, tension headaches and a variety of other issues. Check it out!

Advanced Inversion

Here are some additional exercises for those of you who are comfortable with the original inversion work outs. 

1. Must be comfortable with full inversion
2. Wear boots on opposite ankles to avoid clip tangle: Left on right, Right on left
3. Oscillation: pendulum back and forth 
-full body rock
- head and neck "bob" (shorter pendulum- faster)
In each case feel the natural rock of gravity acting on your own length.
4. Oscillation: side to side
5. One leg hamstring pull up --> side swing
-Spotter please if you are on an A-Frame
6. Small hamstring pull up and let go --> drop down for "slinky" traction action
7. Gentle hand assisted lateral flexion
8. Gentle hand assisted rotation
9. Full body crunch - extension

Sleep Positions

Strategies for getting comfortable with sleeping on your back and why it matters.

Getting free of negative emotions

Converting thoughts into reality

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