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Back Pain Treatment in Fairfax, VA

Every year, thousands of people experience back pain from a broad range of causes.  Sometimes, it goes away with bed rest. Other times, back pain can become chronic or acute and interfere with your daily routine. It can also prevent from engaging in some of your favorite activities. Your spine is a complex network of bones, discs, nerves, muscles, ligaments and tendons. When these spinal components are injured, out of place or a spinal medical condition exists, back pain is often the end result. It can due to the impact of a car accident, workplace injury, poor posture, sports, slip and fall and genetics.

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Back Pain: Causes and Symptoms

Common conditions that cause back pain are disc herniation, protruding disc, muscle strain, spinal stenosis and lumbar disc degeneration. In a herniated disc, the inner gel substance of the disc leaks out and irritates the surrounding spinal components. If this gel compresses the sciatic nerve, it can cause a painful condition known as sciatica with pain radiating down the leg. A back sprain is the tearing or stretching of the ligament. The back’s ligaments are fibrous bands of tissue that connect the bones at the joints. Often, back pain arises with movement. Spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the spinal canal, which can put pressure on the spinal components and cause back pain. With lumbar disc degeneration, the cushioning discs begin to deteriorate and rub on each other.

In addition to pain, a back injury can cause a loss in range of motion and a loss in function. With back pain treatment in Fairfax, Dr. Christopher Frey can help reduce or eliminate your back pain naturally. Avoid invasive surgery and stop relying on pain medications. Instead, our chiropractor uses manual gentle pressure to properly realign the spine along with adjunct services, such as massage therapy, acupuncture, spinal decompression therapy and laser therapy. Your Fairfax back pain treatment plan is diversified for optimal patient outcome.

Treatment with Our Fairfax Chiropractor at Circle Chiropractic Center

Dr. Christopher Frey, our Fairfax Chiropractor, implements a holistic and multi-faceted treatment plan for recovery from back pain. Your treatment plan may include spinal adjustments, spinal decompression therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture or laser therapy in your treatment plan. Each treatment modality is designed to work synergistically to enhance healing.

Prior to any treatment, Dr. Frey will perform a comprehensive examination, including physical, neurological and postural tests. If more information is needed, X-rays will be taken. Your treatment plan will be created and implemented once we have identified the root cause of your back pain. Dr. Frey always begins treatment with the right diagnosis.

If you’re suffering with back pain, turn to Circle Chiropractic Center for an effective treatment plan. Give us a call in Fairfax at (703) 385-2990. Wellness awaits you with our Fairfax chiropractor, Dr. Christopher Frey!


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