Knee Decompression


What is Knee Decompression Therapy? Knee Decompression treatments use the patented Knee on Trac system to isolate the knee in order to reduce pain, increase function, and promote tissue healing.

How Does Knee Decompression Therapy Work? 

By gently separating the joint space between the bottom of the femur (thigh bone) and the top of the tibia (shin bone) we can create a vacuum effect inside the knee joint which brings more nutrient-rich fluid to the area.  This also stretches the tendons, ligaments, and other soft tissue around the joint. This combined effect helps to re-establish some of the natural joint space and cushioning in the knee. You'll feel a difference after just one treatment, in most cases.

What Can I Expect During A Treatment?

A typical session is 8 to 10 minutes depending on the your condition. You will be seated, with your leg extended at a comfortable angle. A strap is placed over the upper thigh and an inflatable cuff is used just below the knee to secure the leg. Our therapist will then program the Knee on Trac equipment with the appropriate settings depending on your condition. You will feel a gentle separation of the knee joint. For most treatment protocols, you will feel the knee pull & separate, and then the tension will release. This will happen repeatedly during the treatment session. Since the straps are against your skin we encourage bringing or wearing shorts to your appointment. 

What Can I Expect After A Treatment?

Most patients see positive results in the first few treatments. Your treatment will often be combined with other therapies designed to produce the fastest and most complete recovery possible for your individual condition. The total number of treatments recommended will depend on the severity of the condition along with your personal treatment goals.

What Are The Side Effects?

Some patients experience some mild soreness after the first few treatments if the degeneration in the knee joint is very advanced or lots of scar tissue is present. The soreness is usually mild and temporary. Most patients feel relief by applying ice following the treatment sessions. 


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