Sports Injury Rehabilitation and Treatment

Sports Injury Rehabilitation and Treatment with Our Chiropractor in Fairfax

Here at Circle Chiropractic Center, we understand how painful and stressful a sports injury can be and we know how much you want to get back to participating in the athletic endeavors you enjoy. Due to the nature of sports, injuries tend to occur in areas other than the back. Fortunately, our chiropractor in Fairfax offers more than chiropractic care for back pain treatment. We treat a variety of sporting injuries using holistic chiropractic care without surgery or medications, so you can get off the sidelines quickly.

Sports Injury

Sports Injuries Happen to Athletes at Any Level of Play

Whether you are a student athlete, an amateur enthusiast or a professional player, injuries can occur at any time. Painful conditions are also common in athletes who don’t participate in contact sports, as the repetitious use of the extremities and their connected muscles can cause damage that can take you out of the game temporarily. We have used techniques for sports injury rehabilitation on patients ranging from pee-wee baseball to professional competitors.

Upper and Lower Back Pain

One wrong twist, sharp turn, hard hit or fall can cause excruciating pain in the upper and lower back. Two common sports injuries we provide lower back pain treatment for include herniated discs and spinal subluxations, which can cause radiating pain in the leg known as sciatica. Upper back pain treatment athletes often require is due to neck injuries such as whiplash, which can cause pain in the neck, shoulders and upper back region. Spinal adjustments help remedy back and neck pain naturally.

Knee Pain and Ankle Sprains

Ankle sprains and strains are the most common injury athletes suffer from, especially those involved in running sports such as soccer, football, track and field, and basketball. Knee pain is also typical for these athletes, with the most severe knee injuries being ACL tears, which could be a career ender without proper injury rehabilitation such as chiropractic care.

Shoulder Pain

If you play hockey, tennis, golf, baseball or a sport that requires a lot of ‘swinging’ motions, shoulder pain can be debilitating. One common condition known as frozen shoulder limits one’s range of motion as the muscles and tendons tighten up due to overuse. Our chiropractor offers gentle injury rehabilitation treatments to get you back into the swing of things quickly.

Wrist and Elbow Pain

Tennis elbow, also known as golfer’s elbow, is a condition that affects quite a few athletes that utilize their hands frequently during sporting activities. The elbow can become stiff and throw off your game or completely sideline you. Wrist pain such as tendonitis and sprains are also common sports injuries that we can treat with extremity adjustments and physiotherapy techniques.


Concussions are becoming more common in athletes in contact sports such as hockey, football and wrestling. These head injuries are serious and shouldn’t be ignored. Many people with concussions also suffer from chronic headaches as the injury heals. Our chiropractor in Fairfax can help you deal with the symptoms of both concussions and headaches while you recover.

How Chiropractic Care Benefits Athletes Beyond Injury Care

Professional athletes rely on chiropractic care to assist in healing sports injuries, to prevent sports injuries, and to improve their athletic performance potential. An aligned spine is a healthy, strong spine. Regular chiropractic care helps keep your spinal vertebrae in an optimal position, reducing the chances of injury and alleviating pain. Spinal adjustments assist with the communication of the nervous system and can help you perform better overall during any physical endeavor.

Looking for Sports Injury Treatment in Fairfax?

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